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Christianity vs. Spirituality

the Next Generation's Showdown for the Truth.

Spirituality is a hot topic—inside and outside of the church. Is worldly spirituality the same as biblical Christianity? Is Oprah teaching biblical truths or New Age spirituality? Christianity vs. Spirituality, the Next Generation’s Showdown for the Truth Study Guide answers these questions

Do 10,000 lies make something true? What about 70 million? That's how many 16-29 year olds are hearing lies about spirituality. Millions are believing them.

The Millennials are a force of 70 million young adults currently ranging in age from 8 to 28, the largest cohort of any generation to date.

Studies reveal that Christian kids of this generation are moving out of the house and out of the church. 70% of kids who attended church regularly through high school quit attending by age 23 and 88% of students from “Christian” homes deny their faith before they graduate from college. Many others are dabbling in other forms of spirituality not related to the spiritual faith of the Bible.

Parents of this generation are facing what may be the most confusing and complex mindset of an upcoming culture. Spirituality has taken on a whole new definition. It’s the buzz word on Oprah and coming out of the spiritual closet is now in vogue in Hollywood and the media.


Spirituality does not mean Christianity and many parents do not realize there is a difference. The former is calling young people like the enchanting voice of a Greek Siren. The melody of spirituality may be sweet and soothing to the ears, but its end is a discord of emptiness and lies—the lies our children are believing.


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