Key to Freedom is an initiative founded by The York Family to support and find a route to market for products made by the
Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) WIF provides vulnerable young women from West Bengal, India, with skills to earn an
income. Key to Freedom facilitates a route to market for the garments and products created by the young women through
retailers including Topshop and Royal Collection. The York Family have also commissioned
various products which are used as part of their projects.

The young women WIF helps have all been exposed to domestic abuse and in most cases been trafficked into the sex trade. The sale of the products to an extended customer group allows the women who sew and dye the garments to earn a living wage and regain control of the choices in their lives. All profits generated from the project provides funds to help WIF develop other sites to support young women.

The Key to Freedom project was founded in 2012, after The Duke of York visited India as part of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. On this trip His Royal Highness met Aloka Mitra, founder of WIF, and some of the young women and girls WIF had rescued. Additional visits have been made by Sarah, Duchess of York and Princess Eugenie.

To contribute to the project, donations can be made at:


That vulnerable women can be given a new life through enterprise.
That wearing their garment is a public way to establish a direct connection with an individual.


Key to Freedom needs to raise further funds for Women's Interlink Foundation to support their work and help build more facilities to support trafficked women.


Each garment is hand made and signed by a rescued woman. For each garment that you purchase, a payment is made directly to her, enabling her to make steps towards building a new life.

A girl is rescued from a vulnerable situation, most likely she is a victim of human trafficking, a modern day slavery

She is given a home by the Women's Interlink Foundation. She is cared for and taught craft skills

She produces a garment and signs her work

Payment is made into the girls’ bank accounts

The garment is shipped to the UK

The garment is available to buy from Topshop and on Royal Collection Trust Shop's website

Taking no profit from the sale, Topshop and Royal Collection Trust Shop pass the proceeds on to The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust (PACT)

PACT pass the funds on directly to the Women's Interlink Foundation

These funds are used by the Women's Interlink Foundation to rescue more girls and in the future, to build more homes


"We at WIF don’t see the women or children we work with as burdens but as potential powerhouses and we are extremely proud of them and our success with them is what keeps pushing us." - The Telegraph, India

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Aloka Mitra "founded Women’s Interlink Foundation, a non-profit organisation that works on integrating women, child and community development projects." - The Telegraph, India

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Silk printed scarves, handcrafted by vulnerable women from West Bengal for The Key To Freedom charity initiative.